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Look to us for shingle roof soft wash cleaning in Sunrise, FL and the surrounding areas

Did you know that shingle roofs are a breeding ground for black algae? This not only makes your roof look bad, but it also contributes to premature deterioration. Avoid severe structural damage with shingle roof soft wash cleaning.

Tropical Power Wash provides roof pressure washing in Weston, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, FL and throughout the surrounding areas. Using a special cleaning agent, we'll wash dirt, grime and algae off of your surface. Then, we'll apply a Byoclean treatment to keep algae away for good.

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Why you should get your roof cleaned professionally

Roof pressure washing is an excellent way to remove tough stains, like bacteria or mildew. Since we use powerful cleaning agents at a low-pressure, we’ll prevent:

  • Structural damage from mold or algae
  • The spread of harmful bacteria
  • Pest or rodent infestation

We guarantee that your roof will remain mildew-free for at least a year.

To schedule your shingle roof soft wash cleaning services, call our offices in Sunrise, FL at 954-557-0857.

Shingle, Painted, Metal - Roof Cleaning - Soft Wash cleaning

First the process to clean shingle, painted, and metal roofs is with our Soft Wash Cleaning method. This method is different compared to our high pressure method to clean tile roofs.

Therefore, we do not clean Shingle, Painted, or most noteworthy metal roofs with High Pressure during this pressure cleaning service. As a result, due to high Pressure you will damage the shingles, remove the paint, and damage the metal up on your roof.

First, we apply our Byoclean Treatment on the roof to loosen the algae.

Also once one layer of our treatment goes on we will then also use low-pressure to rinse the shingle roof off and remove any left-over algae.

Furthermore, when we get done rinsing the roof off, the Byoclean Treatment gets re-applied on your roof as a result to ensure our 12-month Guarantee .

Finally, when our guys get off the roof they will wash the walls of your home with low-pressure and soap detergent to safely remove all the bugs, algae, and carbon pollutants off the walls of your home.

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